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Not any different from publishing a phone number where you’ll be reachable, with call access you will enable your website to initiate and host a real-time call to any desired endpoint, just like with any standard phone or service number. You can embed a call access widget or place a click-to-talk button, and allow your customers to directly talk with whomever you want them to, right at the moment of their visit on your website. Distances are eliminated, as calling is free of charge for any caller in the entire universe.



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Add real-time calls through browser as an extra channel to your existing infrastructure. Calls can be routed to any endpoint or multiple endpoints. We support DTMF, so navigating through an already existing IVR has never been easier. Register now for a 14-day free trial and experience perfect voice quality, almost 100 x better than conventional ISDN.


You are about to experience call access. Please make sure you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera as a browser. Enter your your email address and phone number and click on "talk". Make sure the audio features on your device are enabled: microphone, speaker or headset.

The functionality was intentionally restricted to audio connections only. In settings, you can test them in advance. Your communication will be encrypted and none of your data will be stored. It’s gone the very moment you close your browser. Your webcam is not accessed.

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icon_1 Created with Sketch. PSTN Forwarding

Forward calls to any existing phone number – landline, SIP or mobile or simply answer them directly from your desktop browser or mobile device.

Page 1 Created with Sketch. DTMF Support

Let your customers dial known internal numbers of departments or staff members and let them choose inside your IVR menu.

icon_3 Created with Sketch. Voicemail

Use the integrated Voicemail System and get messages from your customers when they call outside your business hours or when your staff is not available.

icon_4 Created with Sketch. Multiple Departments

Your customers can choose which department or branch they want to talk to and route the call accordingly.

Page 1 Created with Sketch. SIP Trunks

Integrate your existing SIP Trunks and point the calls directly to your PBX or VoIP-System.

icon_6 Created with Sketch. Take Calls over Browser

You don't need any phone, trunk, phone number or PBX – simply take calls with our free App over your desktop browser or mobile device.

icon_7 Created with Sketch. Encrypted Calls

Stay safe – the calls are secured using standardized encryption methods in accordance with laws and data protection requirements.

icon_8 Created with Sketch. Widget Design

Use our standard widget or make your own using your design and CI.

icon_9 Created with Sketch. Crystal Clear Voice

Let your customers call you from all over the world, without complicated phone numbers, without costs, without hurdles.



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